Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Teaching kids and robots

Whether you are raising kids or robots you have to be careful what others teach them (or yourself) or you may be amazed what comes out of their mouth. With robots it is simple, turn them off and re-program, with children you have to teach them different and may take time Microsoft put a robot/AI program/device on the Internet to interact with people and others thru Twitter taught it to be racist. See this article http://www.fiercecio.com/story/microsoft-shuts-down-ai-chatbot-after-it-learns-hate-speech-twitter/2016-03-24?utm_campaign=AddThis&utm_medium=AddThis&utm_source=email#.VvQvWIYwNqE.yahoomail


Sounds like Trump is actually following the law on SuperPACs that there is to be no coordination between the campaign and the SuperPAC. If he is not saying which is the correct one and they do not know what the message is to broadcast then it sounds like no coordination. When the SuperPacs say the same as the candidate and change together it is obviously coordination but somehow the FEC looks other way. Trump really does not need a SuperPAC as the media is giving him the free publicity with lots everyday on whatever he ways. If Hillary would play cards right she really would not either if she used Bill effectively as he is free large spread publicity.