Monday, September 21, 2009

Rain in NW Georgia (or Rainy night in Georgia)

I made it back to LaFayette safely tonight but took longer than normally due to rain and flooding. My apt is fine. On the 30 miles on the Hwy 136 from the interstate to my house it rained all the way. Normally takes me about 35 minutes to 40 minutes. There were a number of paces where dirt had washed over road. About 5 miles from my apt I had to stop as road was under water, it was up to window air units in houses there. Fire truck was sitting in road (if you know LaFayette it was by skating rink). A truck came thru and told us it was passable but about 6 inches deep. my car made it thru safely. They at intersection with bypass it was deep under water on side but made it thru on shallower side. It is raining again now.

I had done the devotion at church tonight after tutoring a lady on java this afternoon and did not leave until about 6:45 and with stop to eat supper should have been here about 12:15 but it was almost 1AM.


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