Monday, May 7, 2012

The impossible dream

I have accomplished the impossible dream or climbed the tall mountain or accomplished the labor of love. Tonight I scanned the last of my uncle Sam's 23240 approximately slides. I have scanned all that are developed although he has a roll to be developed and a roll in the camera. I still have to edit most of them to then put on DVDs for his family and get prints for him. I have done the editing on about 3000. I started doing this project in September 2006 and finished on April 4, 2012. My cousins have called a labor of love for several years. There were times I wondered if I would finish in my lifetime, but I have reached the first goal. Now to do the editing and make the DVDs. His collection of 23000+ slides covers 60 years an dare in amazing good shape and the slides look like new after I scan and quick edit. Most I scanned as TIF (uncompressed) format and then edit to JPG with a auto color on most. A few needed a red or blue tint removed. Dwight

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