Monday, September 1, 2014

Bringing manufacturing back to USA

This weekend I am in Rogers Arkansas at the Daisy National BB Gun Championship Match. Daisy headquarters and their assembly plant are here in Rogers and have been for 50 years or nearby. I assembled a gun here several years ago I still have. Tonight (July 4, 2014) at the opening ceremony for the match (55 teams of kids from across the USA who placed in top three in state competitions), the president of Daisy announced that he is beginning the process of moving the full manufacturing of their BB guns back to the USA. He said it will take several years as they will have to locate or start organizations to make the parts and that it will result in increased employment. Next year is the 75th year of the Daisy Red Ryder BB gun and tonight they gave all coaches and staff (including me) a 75th anniversary edition of the Red Ryder ahead of future release of the gun. Next year will the 50th match. I do the web site and photos for the match and have been at the match either as this or coach, match director, national director for 19 years.

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