Sunday, September 6, 2015

One million and counting

This weekend I passed putting a total of one million miles on my three vehicles. The numbers vary by the vehicle and model year, but added up together they are over one million now and I am still adding miles. I put about 45,000 miles per year on my vehicles in recent years with the most miles each year on the Saturn. My 1986 Chevrolet Silverado pickup has just over 141,000 miles and is my low mileage vehicle. It also has the lowest MPG. The odometer goes to 99,999 miles and has rolled once My 1986 Buick Skylark has just over 289,000 miles on it. The odometer in it goes to 199,999 miles and rolls and so it has rolled once. It is a digital dashboard My 2001 Saturn SL2 has over 570,000 miles on it and is my high mileage vehicle. It has the highest MPG of 36. The odometer in it goes to 999,999 has not rolled over. Saturn apparently thought they would last forever. It is a digital odometer but analog speedometer.

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