Saturday, January 7, 2017

Intelligence and election fraud

We have seen in the last month charges of election fraud and reports that the government intelligence agencies have determined that the Russians were hacking things related to our electoral system. President Obama has declared that the intelligence agencies have determined it did occur and that we are going to strike back which would be a form of cyber warfare. Let’s pause and think back. For 15 years now we have been told that Bush led us wrongly into the war in Iraq because of the claim that the government intelligence agencies lied to Bush (and Clinton before him) that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Reports have said the stories of yellow cake in Nigeria were wrong. Obama and others have repetitively said that we should never have trusted the intelligence agencies For years anytime any bills are considered in state legislatures to combat election fraud the loud response we hear is there has only been a few isolated instances of election fraud and that laws such as securing the registration process and cleaning the voter rolls are not needed. Now consider what Obama has just told us. Government intelligence has assured him that the Russian government hacked the DNC and Hillary's campaign and that we must attack them back to prevent this from happening again. Secondly he tells us this is election fraud and we are hearing lots of people claiming the election was stolen and should be voided or changed because of this. Think about this carefully. The same agencies that supposedly lied and provided the information that Bush used to put us in Iraq war, and which information we assume Hillary used in voting for us to go to that war. Now Obama says he has seen information and will attack Russia (without Congress authorization) in cyber warfare. We have seen some stories say not an intelligence heads were on board with the Russian government charge. In addition, now we will go to cyber-war over election fraud led by the party that has told us again and again that there is no election fraud and that we do not need to do anything about it. Before we attack Russia in cyber warfare we need to consider all this more closely and whether the hacking occurred from Russia (either from there or China or a former Soviet satellite is a statistical strong possibility) and whether it was the government (under orders from Putin they claim) or was it some non-government group. We need to work to make our elections not have fraud. The voting machines are not connected to the Internet so they cannot be hacked during voting. They could have stuff planted in the software but we need to make sure it is all secure. An attack on Russia could be much more deadly for us than Iraq was. We know Russia has nuclear weapons

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