Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A 1 hour hike adventure

Saturday afternoon having stayed in NW Georgia I decided at 4:30 to go to Villanow and go hike back in Johns Mountain Forest and find Keown Fall. This was to be a 2-3 mile hike. I drove my pickup there and did the hike but the falls was never on the trail, although one hollowed out area I suspect is where the falls should be. Having a lot of rain earlier in week I assumed it would be running. It was to be a 1 hour 2-3 mile hike. I got back to the truck and the truck would not start and I was only one left in the parking lot. There is no cell tower close so my cell phone did not work. A one hour hike now begins looking like Gilligan may have been along (the professor was there, me) and I am stranded. I put on my jacket and started walking to Villanow probably 8-10 miles away where there is a convenience store. Checking my phone constantly I discovered I had cell coverage leaving the National Forest. I called AAA and about one and half hours later they appeared. In the meantime a former student who lives near there, who I had texted, showed right behind tow truck. By that time it was dark. I heard a flock of turkeys go by but only 2 pickups in all that time. AAA took me to truck and he got in and it cranked. My former student followed me back to Lafayette. a one hour hike of 2-3 miles had turned into 5 hour adventure with the 2-3 mile hike and then 4 miles walking on the road. Pictures of the hike are at http://dwightwatt.shutterfly.com/23570

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